Supreme Court of Pakistan reinstated local governments in Punjab.

Local Councils Associations pays Homage to the worthy Supreme Court of Pakistan and congrats to all local government representatives from Punjab. Click HERE to see our best wishes in DAILY KHABRAIN, and HERE to read in ROZNAMA DUNYA

پنجاب کے بلدیاتی ادارے بحال

عوام نے بلدیاتی نمائندوں کو پانچ سال کے لئے منتخب کیا

ایک نوٹیفکیشن کا سہارا لے کر انہیں گھر نہیں بھیجا جاسکتا مزید پڑھیئے

سپریم کورٹ نے پنجاب کے بلدیاتی اداروں کو بحال کر دیا

بلدیاتی ایکٹ کے سیکشن3 کو آئین کے متصادم قرار دے دیا مزید پڑھیئے

SC restores Punjab local govt system

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered restoration of the local government

system in Punjab and declared Section 3 of the Punjab Local Government Act 2019 as ultra vires to the Constitution. Read More

Top court restores Punjab local governments

The Supreme Court on Thursday restored Punjab’s local governments,

which were dissolved by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led provincial government on May 4, 2019,

years ahead of their prescribed term – January 1, 2022. Read More

SC orders to restore local government system in Punjab

The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) on Thursday restored the local government system in Punjab, Read More


The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday heard a petition seeking the restoration of Punjab’s local bodies.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed heard the case. Read More

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