Area Of Work

Area Of Work

Local Councils Association of the Punjab is continuing to convert its dreams into reality by focusing the following thematic areas;

a) Access to Basic Services

Globally, local governments are judged on their ability to provide each citizen with quality public services such as water, sanitation, health, basic education, waste management, transport and energy. Improving and providing services means, achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for the Provincial Organization. It will focus on the governance of basic services with view to identifying the specific needs of local authorities for meeting their own responsibilities relative to these services, proposing recommendations to improve this ability, as well as their capacity to intervene, jointly with other actors, to meet current and future challenges, and improve access for all.

b) Decentralization & Local Democracy

LCAP aims at strengthening decentralization and local self-government in order to contribute to local good governance in the Punjab province of Pakistan. LCAP promotes effective decentralization and local self-government countrywide, lobbies for the consistency in local government elections and adoption of international principles on decentralization. The main objective of LCAP Committee on Decentralization and Local Self-Government is to strengthen decentralization and local-self-government processes with the aim of improving local governance, particularly in Punjab and generally in nationwide. The work of the Committee contributes to the strategy of the Organization of Local Councils Association of the Punjab on this field.

c) Communication, Education and Public Awareness

LCAP promotes the efficient communication within the local governments, with upper governments and more particularly with the citizens. It also demonstrates the worldwide innovations in the field of communication. The core of local democracy is that people elect their representatives who run the affairs of the local governments. LCAP believes that elected representatives only can work effectively if they are well aware and educated about their roles and responsibilities that how to run their offices and effectively execute their plans for boosting the communities. LCAP organizes innovative training programmes for both of elected and officials of the local governments. Majority of the population in Punjab is living in rural areas without having basic needs of life and municipal services, in people living in urban areas don’t have improved municipal services. LCAP works with the communities to create demand for the provision of basic needs and improved municipal services in rural and urban areas.

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