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The history of local governments in Pakistan is very interesting. After independence in 1947, first local government elections were held in 1958 and afterwards it held in 1979, 2001, 2005 and 2015. It shows big gap between local governments, and when we make analyses of the assigning functions and authorities, it also reveals that enabling environment is not provided to local governments to function properly.

In a state of fragility to local governments, the role of Association becomes very important. Due to having the fragile background of local governments, the representatives of local councils decided to establish their Associations by Read More

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Local Councils Association of the Punjab as a designated organization in Pakistan, LCAP ensures that local government's voice is heard within the Organization and that it gets full recognition and Read More

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Increase the voices and effective participation of councilors and citizens in local government planning, development

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Strengthen the functioning and capacity of local governments, and facilitate cooperation among all tiers for effective

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Encourage and facilitate joint actions to solve common issues and to promote the development of communities and the people

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Establish and maintain good relations and ongoing liaison with Provincial and Federal Governments in the shared interests of all 

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